Tuesday, June 24, 2008

$40 and two Vodka Rockstars

That was how much alcohol was consumed by moi last Saturday, it was a pretty regular Saturday, nothing to outrageous happened. I hung out with N Child most of the night. We even had quite a girls moment in the smoke pit, talking about the guys we can't get over, mines Idiot and hers is Catfish, while some guy was hitting on us unsuccessfully. I think the most random part of the night must have been the amount of time spent talking to Lil C, apparently I owed him a drink because I couldn't guess the time on his watch. Which I’m pretty sure is his best and only way to get girls to talk to him. The rest of the night is pretty fuzzy. Except the part where I got left in Waterloo, with no phone and drunk as Fuck. Luckily N Child was entertaining that night, and was able to hear me yelling outside her window. I then passed out on her couch in my underwear.

And so concludes this weeks Phil’s events. I have no doubt that next week will be better.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bare asses, fat fucks and a whole lot more.

Well shit, welcome to the one and only blog about the wild events that go on at the one and only Phils. This has been a long time coming folks. Last night was filled with assholes, bare asses and whole lot more. There is more to come my trusted readers and fellow Phils fanatics, so stay tuned you drunk shits!!